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Class GameScore





#apiClient: default
#projectConfig: PlayerProjectConfig
#serverTime: number
_achievementsService: default
_documentsService: default
_events: EventLite = ...
_filesService: default
_gamesCollectionsService: default
_imagesService: default
_leaderboardsService: default
_paymentsService: default
_playerService: default
_projectService: default
_storage: Storage
achievements: Achievements

Achievements manager

ads: Ads

Ads manager

analytics: Analytics

Analytics manager

app: default

Ads manager

avatarGenerator: string

Current selected avatar generator

avatarGeneratorTemplate: string

Current selected avatar generator template URL

devtools: { changeLanguage: any; closeSticky: any; purchaseProduct: any; showFullscreen: any; showPreloader: any; showRewardedVideo: any; showSticky: any; showToast: any }

Devtools manager, only in dev

Type declaration

documents: Documents

Documents manager

files: Files

Images manager

fullscreen: Fullscreen

Fullscreen manager

gamesCollections: GamesCollections

Games Collections manager

images: Images

Images manager

isMobile: boolean

Is on mobile device

language: Lang

Current selected language

leaderboard: Leaderboard

Leaderboard manager

loader: { dec: any; inc: any } = ...

Global loader manager

Type declaration

overlay: { changeAvatarGenerator: any; changeLanguage: any; close: any; login: any; openAchievements: any; openDocument: any; openGamesCollections: any; openLeaderboard: any; pickPlayerOnConflict: any; share: any; unlockAchievement: any }

Overlay manager

Type declaration

  • changeAvatarGenerator:function
    • changeAvatarGenerator(avatarGenerator: string): void
  • changeLanguage:function
    • changeLanguage(lang: Lang): Promise<void>
  • close:function
    • close(): void
  • login:function
    • login(): Promise<{ secretCode?: string; type: string }>
  • openAchievements:function
    • openAchievements(achievementsInfo: FetchPlayerAchievementsOutput, __namedParameters?: { scrollTo?: string | number }): Promise<void>
    • Parameters

      • achievementsInfo: FetchPlayerAchievementsOutput
      • __namedParameters: { scrollTo?: string | number } = {}
        • Optional scrollTo?: string | number

      Returns Promise<void>

  • openDocument:function
    • openDocument(document: Document): Promise<void>
  • openGamesCollections:function
    • openGamesCollections(gamesCollection: GamesCollection): Promise<void>
  • openLeaderboard:function
    • openLeaderboard(query: GetLeaderboardQuery, leaderbordInfo: RatingData): void
  • pickPlayerOnConflict:function
    • pickPlayerOnConflict(conflictInfo: Omit<PlayerSyncConflict, "__typename">): Promise<PlayerState>
    • Parameters

      • conflictInfo: Omit<PlayerSyncConflict, "__typename">

      Returns Promise<PlayerState>

  • share:function
    • share(shareType: ShareType, options: ShareOptions): Promise<boolean>
  • unlockAchievement:function
    • unlockAchievement(achievement: Achievement): void
payments: Payments

Payments manager

platform: Platform

Platform info

player: MyPlayer

Player manager

players: Players

Players manager

ready: Promise<GameScore>

Resolves when all platform and project data was loaded

  • platform SDK loaded
socials: Socials

Socials manager

variables: GameVariables

Game variables manager


  • get isAllowedOrigin(): boolean
  • get isDev(): boolean
  • get nativeSDK(): any
  • get serverTime(): string


  • changeAvatarGenerator(): Promise<void>
  • changeLanguage(lang: Lang): Promise<void>
  • generateAvatar(hash: any, size: number): string
  • loadOverlay(): Promise<void>
  • You can preload overlay to fast open when required

    Returns Promise<void>

  • off<ET>(type: ET, handler: ((event: GSEvents[ET]) => void)): void
  • on<ET>(type: ET, handler: ((event: GSEvents[ET]) => void)): void
  • once<ET>(type: ET, handler: ((event: GSEvents[ET]) => void)): void

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