Adding plugin to a Unity project

Learn how to add the GameScore plugin to your Unity project.


Import GameScore.unitypackage into your project.

After importing, open the GameScore folder:

Add the Prefab to the Project Hierarchy:

In the Assets/WebGLTemplates/GameScore/index.html template replace script with a script with your project data:

#Working with the plugin in scripts

To work with the plugin in the script, add the library: using GameScore;

Example code (showing ads during game launch):

#Preparing for the build

When everything is ready, go to:
Edit -> Project Settings -> Player -> Resolution and Presentation
Select WebGL Template as GameScore

The project uses WEBGL Template:

In the folder:
You can change the logo to your own, it will be displayed when loading.

The plugin inherits the hierarchy and naming convention from sdk, you can refer to the documentation for more information about methods work.

Repository link:

Methods list:

Author: @Dinar_Shagidullin

GameScore Community (Telegram): @gs_community

We wish you success!